Data Protection Declaration

TU Braunschweig’s data protection declaration applies to this website except section V, VI, VII, and VIII.

In addition, this web offer is subject to a data processing activity which is described below:

IX. Description of the data processing activity

1. Description and scope of data processing

For the needs of the research project defined here, PACO logs requests to our server, storing the following information:

Our script collects the following information:

2. Legal basis for data processing

Refer to Section III.2 of TU Braunschweigs data privacy policy.

3. Purpose of data processing

We collect and may publish or share aggregated, statistical data from the PACO project in order to facilitate security research, educate people about security problems, and to aid in the development of security-enhancing technologies.

4. Period of storage, possibilities to object to and remove data

Refer to Section III.3 of TU Braunschweigs data privacy policy.

A contact and information about object to our scans and data collection is given here.